Milly Quezada and Melina Leon

General Admission: $49 | VIP Admission: $89 (include premium seating and two drink tickets for beer, wine or soda)
  • Saturday, March 9 | 9:00PM
    Seminole Center

Milly Quezada is a world-acclaimed artist also known as “the Queen of Merengue” (“La Reina del Merengue). She is the only woman from the Dominican Republic to win four Latin Grammy awards and the ASCAP Latin Heritage Award. She has also earned recognition from Billboard Magazine, Univision’s Lo Nuestro awards, and other international honors for her musical contributions.

Quezada established herself with fresh, freestyle lyrics that broke from the chauvinistic culture that permeated the industry and the way of life of her country. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, her hits as “La Guacherna,” “Volvio Juanita,” and “Tengo” took her worldwide with regular tours to Europe, North and South America, and Japan. Milly Jocelyn & Los Vecinos toured in Japan and performed in an American presidential inaugural ceremony in 1990 (for President George H. W. Bush). The performances were ground-breaking as they were the first to bring Dominican Merengue music to those audiences.

After her husband and manager Rafael Vasquez passed away in 1996 and upon her return to the stage in 1997, Quezada went on to perform solo and produced hits such as “Lo Tengo Todo,” “Entre Tu Cuerpo y El Mio,” “Porque Me Amaste,” “Para Darte Mi Vida,” “Vive,” “Toma Mi Vida,” and many others.

Quezada has been nominated for both American Grammy and Emmy awards and has received other international honors from the ACE Awards, Tu Musica Awards, Globo Awards in New York, and multiple Congo de Oro awards from Colombia. She was recognized by the Senate of both Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic in 1997 and Nov. 8, 1997 was designated “Milly Quezada Day” by the Mayor’s Office of New York City.

Melina León is a Puerto Rican merengue singer and actress. From an early age she performed with several groups including The Rubi, Girls of Puerto Rico, and The Cherries. Her first recording in 1997, “Mujeres Liberadas,” appeared on the Tropix Music label and reached the top 10 of the Billboard tropical charts. The title track was a top 20 track on the Latin charts.

This attracted the interest of Sony Music who released her second album “Con Los Pies Sobre La Tierra,” produced by Eduardo Reyes and made both the Billboard Latin and Billboard tropical album charts. “Me Voy De Fiesta” became another sizable hit single.

By 2003, Melina was also performing as an actress on television movies such as: "Yo Creo en Santa Claus" in 2004, broadcast by Televicentro in Puerto Rico and Wapa America in the United States.

“Baño de Luna” became another top 10 Latin album when released and won best female merengue singer by Premios de Musica 2000. “Corazón de Mujer” was again a top 10 Latin album that was nominated for best tropical/salsa album in the 2002 Billboard Latin Awards. A self-titled album reached the top 15 of the Billboard tropical album charts in 2003 while she has also released an album called “Serie Azul Tropical.” In 2010, Melina Leon won her first Premio Lo Nuestro Award as Best Tropical Female Artist.