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Cameron Del Vecchio

(o) 239-658-7583
(c) 239-839-0698

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A native Floridian and born and raised here in Fort Myers, Florida, Cameron Del Vecchio is no stranger to and sure to give you his "Southern Hospitality". Always smiling and willing to help anyone with anything. Cameron enjoys going the extra mile for his players. Cameron started his tenure here close to 3 years ago hired as a Players’ Club Representative. Cameron has since been promoted to Executive Casino Host, widening his horizon and allowing him to excel in his new position. Cameron loves every opportunity to create and build lifelong friendships. Please say hello to Cameron on your next visit to Seminole Casino Immokalee.  


Eugene Ungureanu

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2255
(c) 239-821-3233

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Eugene Ungureanu joins the team here at Seminole Immokalee all the way from Europe. Starting his casino career in 1997, Eugene has enjoyed his 17 years in many roles to include, Table Games Dealer, Floor Supervisor, Pit Boss, Casino Manager and General Manager. His career along with his college education in International Studies , have allowed him to work and studies, in Ireland, Romania, and England to name a few. Eugene also has worked in Miami Florida for Norwegian Cruise lines and most recently enjoyed his independent Gaming and Consulting business, in Lawrenceville Georgia.  Eugene speaks and writes in many languages to French, English, Italian, Romanian, and Hebrew. He also is conversational in German and familiar with some Chinese Dialects as well. Please say hello to Eugene on your next visit. He will be happy to share his experiences in Europe and looks forward to seeing his fellow Europeans here at Seminole Casino Immokalee


Elena Masog

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2245
(c) 239-823-3292

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Elena Masog has joined the Immokalee Executive Host Team and brings over 14 years experience. Elena has held several positions such as customer service representative, coordinator and Player Development. She has also worked in both areas of Domestic and International Marketing with direct involvement with Player Development Departments. Elena holds a Master’s Degree from Yaroslavl Russian Federation and Yaroslavl Music Conservatory. Disciplined in several languages, Elena speaks English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian. Please stop by and say hello to Elena on your next visit here at Seminole Casino Immokalee. 


Ishmael Bey

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2615
(c) 239 503-4156

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The Player Development team has a solid addition with Executive Casino Host Ishmael Bey. He likes for his friends to call him “Ish” and of course that includes you as the guest of the casino. Ish brings a vast amount of casino experience of over 15 years from Las Vegas, Biloxi, NY and PA. He carries himself with the charm of a diplomat and he has a million dollar smile. Ish is not only a great team player but he genuinely takes pride delivering the highest standards in customer service.

His hobbies include reading world history, traveling, fishing and listening to smooth music. If you are visiting the casino then you are in good hands. Your “Ish” is your command!           


Donna Bruno

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2612
(c) 239-253-4426
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Donna has over 16 years experience and originates from New England area. She has held several positions in the casino industry with a vast majority of her experience stemming from the very respected North Eastern gaming markets. Donna's favorite aspect of the casino business is the player interaction and getting to meet new players everyday. With her warm smile and magnetic personality, she greets all her players with the upmost warmth and respect. She would love to meet you on your next visit!


Gloria Gauthier

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2612
(c) 239-503-4176
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A native to Naples, Gloria has a never ending energy. " I put 100% of myself into everyday," says Gloria. If there is anyone who can be two places at one's Gloria.  Gloria's extensive background in sales and as both a business owner and business professional has certainly given her the edge. Gloria prides herself and pushes herself to deliver consistent superior service to both her guests and team members. We love Gloria and know you will too! Both professional and fun ..she is always looking for new friends to join her for a great gaming adventure!


Johnny Panasy
(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2612
(c) 239-503-4112
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As Executive Casino Host, Johnny has over eight years of casino experience, with a background in marketing prior to his experience as a host. Johnny has a true love for his Laotian culture. Whether it be a conversation of current affairs or talking up one of your favorite games, Johnny truly loves to see his guests arrive. Johnny helps find his players something which aligns with their taste and desire. If you have a question, give him a call. A true All Star he is always looking to say hi to old friends and new friends alike. Give him a call or email him anytime. He would love to meet you!


Kristen Hauck

(o) 239-658-1313 ext. 2611
(c) 239-503-4078
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Southern Hospitality ?... Didn’t truly know what it meant until I met Kristen. With a bright big smile to light up the room, Kristen has enjoyed both her gaming and hospitality background in the great states of Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi . Now a permanent Florida resident , she and her husband, both model executives here, share both the love for their players and golf alike. Kristen has built and lead the team of carefully selected Executive Casino Hosts. She is now going to catapult herself into her new role as a Player Development Executive . With her strong background in operations, she is sure to excite her players with both her gaming knowledge and love for her players. She brings  wonderful poise and charisma into everything she does. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering her players a rewarding gaming experience.


Loan Chow
(o) 239-658-1313
(c) 239-503-4148
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Loan Chow joined Immokalee in 2008 . Loan is of Vietnamese descent and has had a very successful entrepreneur history bringing over 30 years business experience. Loan's diligence and commitment to the Asian markets is evident when our Asian neighbors come in frequently to join Loan for some exciting Asian events and their favorite gaming choices.